cajon master

My paintings are about the passage of time, the rhythms of the universe, and the music of the spheres.

The actors in this play are the Drummers, Diviners and Jesters that populate a usually lonely, open-ended and somewhat suspect and disturbed world (environment?).stage?

Style: naïve, neo-cubist, primitive, outsider, african and tribal influences. Lots of circles representing time, lots of horizons representing infinity. Or is it the opposite way?

Medium: Oil on canvas, board, and paper. Much ballpoint crosshatching {the result of years of printmaking/multimedia experience.} Multiple layers of sanding, glazing and polishing.

Most of these paintings have a stained glass effect when placed on sun-facing windowsills.

Instant bio: Born in the Congo, raised in the tropics, high school Texas. Berkeley graduate (M.A. Art), ex-mafia driver, ex-hippie VW van wanderer, ex-Santeria, ex-900 specialist, ex-corporate manager;ex-stage manager, ex mini cooper racer, ex cigar-seller, BUT STILL a professional astrologer and a professional drum teacher after all these (35) years… ..

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